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The UK has seen substantial installation in photovoltaics in 2014 and is currently the biggest European market for this energy technology. Installations are predominantly large green field systems, which are financed by large financial institutions. The due diligence carried out by the different players as well as the meaning and appropriateness of component qualification. The overall performance expectations within the UK and elsewhere are assessed and the question of long term degradation and performance gaps are investigated. Limitations due to ‘grid crowding’ because of photovoltaics will be explored in this year’s workshop.

The workshop is running for three consecutive years and aims to summarise the due diligence currently being carried out and to evaluate future requirements. It is aimed at the entire value chain from planner, installer, owner, operator, EPC and financial institutions to demonstrate potential performance risks. It gives an indication of items to be included into due diligence studies but which are currently neglected. The workshop will be covering the entire project time frame, from the early planning and simulation of systems, component specifications, yield prediction and modelling, potential of grid impact, O&M strategies and component ageing.

The workshop is aimed at anybody interested in the performance of PV systems. International experts will present the state of the art in this field on a full day of lectures and discussion. There will be the possibility of visiting the extensive facilities of Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) at Loughborough University.