Elena Koubli

Elena KoumpliElena is a PhD Researcher at  CREST. She is a member of the Applied Photovoltaics group under the supervision of Professor Dr. Ralph Gottschalg. Her current research is based on PV performance modeling, database design and data analysis. Her areas of expertise include thin film deposition techniques, electrochromics, transparent conducting coatings (TCOs), optoelectronics, optics and lasers.


Predicting and Mapping UK PV Performance Variation

       The presentation describes how the performance of PV is influenced throughout the UK by environmental variables (solar irradiance and ambient temperature).  PV performance may be calculated from these same factors but the precise components required are not routinely measured.  In addition, only between 80 and 94 weather stations regularly record solar irradiance, leaving large areas of the country without information.  We explain the stages involved and choice of algorithms needed to simulate a national solar profile map based on the available input data.

       Furthermore, a straightforward performance model, based on a maximum power matrix, is presented. The model uses as input parameters the just calculated insolation and the module temperature, which is calculated using a thermal model. Finally, the impact of the differing inclinations and aspects of UK PV installations is examined.