Felix Holz






Short CV

  • 1982-1988     Physics degree, University of Kiel
  • 1988-2000     Haase Energietechnik GmbH, Head R&D
  • 2000-2003     Wülfing Pharma GmbH, Technical Consultant
  • 2003-2006     Fraunhofer Institute Solar Energy Systems ISE, Head of Off-Grid Systems
  • 2006-2008     Conergy AG, several positions
  • 2008-today  Deutsche Bank AG, Head of Technology Experts Greentech
  • Technology know-how: Renewable energy (Solar-, wind-, bio-, geothermal-, hydro-, and  related (water treatment,  energy storage , …))
  • Tasks of experts:  Strategic discussions with clients, sparring partner for investment decisions and projects, assessment of technological risks and stages of product development, provision of market and technology know how.


Due diligence from a Bank’s perspective


Based on Deutsche Bank´s experience of numerous PV projects worldwide a straight forward approach to differentiate the technical quality of utility scale PV installations will be proposed. Some additional hints how to extend the tests which ensure a project to meet lenders requirements in order to safeguard investors requirements will be given.